Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that before you choose to hire our services, there are a number of questions going through your mind regarding various aspects. We,Epistic are hereby answering few frequently asked questions by our clients which may help you as well. Just have a glimpse at them:

Who Owns The Intellectual Property Rights?

What Kind Of Service Do You Offer?

What Is The Experience Of The Project Managers And Their Communication Skill?

How Many Design Iterations Can I Expect For My Projects?

Can I Hire A Particular Person For My Project?

What’s The Size Of The Team That I Can Hire For My Project?

What Are The Ways Of Communications If I Ever Need To Contact You Or Project Managers?

How Can I Know About My Project Status?

Do You Follow The Guidelines Given By Me Or Do You Have A Fixed Strategy?

What Tools Do You Use For Project Management?

Do You Provide Responsive Web Design Services?

Will You Advise Us With Ideas For Our Projects?

What Makes Epistic Unique From Other Service Providers?

How to Get Started With Epistic Technologies For Software Development?

What Information Should I Provide To Get A Quote From Your Side?