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Epistic is a ladder to success for those with the right skills. The ones capable of working in challenging conditions with simple but innovative methods would find it home in the company of the best minds at Epistic. To cater our services to the worldwide clientele, we are hiring IT professionals, both Experienced & Fresher.

We have bounteous opportunities and various career paths to select and work with your experts to enhance your skills. We have flexible environments to work with, that gives you a chance to enhance your talent, practice your interests and endeavor your career goals.

Whilst having an opportunity to work with the experts at Epistic, below are the latest positions we are offering.

Jobs (5)
  • Full Stack DeveloperRead
    • Front-end web (Vanilla HTML / CSS / JS; WebGL; React)
    • Javascript Frameworks (Angular/React)
    • Backend Frameworks (NodeJs/ASP .NET)
    • Database (SQL/PostgreSQL/MySQL)
  • Dotnet DeveloperRead
    • C#, .NET framework
    • ASP.NET MVC, Web API
    • Front-end web (HTML / CSS / JS)
    • Design/Architectural patterns
    • Agile Methodologies
  • Senior Dotnet DeveloperRead
    • C#, .NET framework
    • ASP.NET MVC, Web API
    • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
    • SQL
    • Agile methodologies
  • Web DeveloperRead
    • HTML5, CSS3
    • JavaScript
    • React, Angular, or Vue.js
    • Node.js or ASP.NET (back-end)
    • Git/BitBucket
    • Agile methodologies

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