Taxi Booking App

It is believed that to have a successful mobile app on the marketplace, you need a unique idea. But in real world, it is only half the job done. That is because, you also require a capable development team to construct your idea and make it real. When we talk about the travel apps, we have success stories from Uber, Lyft and Ola amongst many others.

The existing success stories provide the ingredients to a popular and a delicious recipe. The construction of such apps uses the location tracking of customer and available drivers in the region. Once a query from a specific region is received, the app notifies the customer on available options and once booked; it notifies the driver for the pickup. All of that happens in real time. Customer gets the clear estimates on fare and allows businesses to manage logistics & offers more comprehensively.

Why Develop Your Own Taxi Booking App?

The concept is a hit already. All it requires is integration of next-gen functions and more customized approach giving additional benefits to the customers. Our team will help you integrate features with more comprehensive features for region specific apps. Why not integrate even a larger database to enhance support for the region specific functions. Further as the ingredients can be available through a clone app and hence the development needs to be focused towards only the features that you require.

Features of Your Taxi Booking App

  • User Registration through emails and social media allowing a convenient two way communication
  • Payment gateway integration through various channels as per your requirement
  • In-App Wallet and integration of other e-wallets (e.g. Google Wallet) for quick payment
  • Automatic payment feature through registered cards through secure gateway
  • Integration of dynamic maps and navigators allowing users have transparent view of pickup points, drop points and estimated duration of journey
  • GPS and location details will allow tracking of rides, drivers and available drivers in the region on real time basis
  • Allow customers to select the cab types to match a ride for their own budget, number of passengers, carriage capacity etc
  • Drivers login will allow them accept or reject the request using their mobile apps
  • Calendar details will help drivers schedule their rides in advanced and plan their routines efficiently
  • Voice enabled GPS will help the customers and drivers navigate through their journey
  • Complete ERP suite integration to produce electronic invoices, payment tracking, number of rides in given period of time and analytics on efficiency of the drivers
  • Integrate grading system of the drivers based on customer reviews
  • Offer allowance to the drivers based on number of rides in a day and also on the basis of customer reviews
  • Effectively integrate loyalty program for the customers based on travel miles and frequency of the rides

Why Epistic?

Epistic is a pioneering service provider for cutting edge mobile apps development. Our services are focused towards scalability, quality of the apps and yet remain cost effective. In order to achieve this, we have transparent and process driven work culture where we implement innovative methods to deliver engaging and successful mobile apps.

Our solutions for travel apps and taxi booking apps focus on latest concepts of augmented reality. We deliver functional solutions that are within your budget. Below we have shared detailed estimation for a complete solution to design and develop a taxi booking app. We can customize these features to meet your requirements and to meet your budgets.

If you are looking to get a working prototype of your ambitious travel app, get in touch with us. Our team can not only help you with design & development but also with raising funds and marketing of your app.

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