Online Dating App

Technology around us has made the world smaller place. The staggering percentage of app connectivity for social media apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp only adds to the idea of yours developing an online dating app. Why not develop a dedicated platform for online dating? The challenge is to create the experience of offline dating using a mobile interface.

The good news is the extensibility of iOS8 and Android 5.0 platforms offer excellent features to creative addictive online dating apps. And there are so many success stories - Tinder, MigMe, WeChat, Swoon, Qeep, Grindr and so on. With all of these successful apps, the clear hint is that the ideal to build an online dating app is a hit. It requires picking up the features that you require, integrate your unique concept and deliver a master stoke of beautiful and functional online dating app.

Can We Have a Clone App?

Yes, why not! We have the source code of apps such as Tinder, MigMe, WeChat, Swoon, Qeep, Grindr and many more. All we would like to know is what the basic features you are looking it. We can integrate your concept using the ready to integrate features in quick time of less than 12 weeks.

You might just have the idea that you are looking at an online dating app but still wondering the perfect concept to implement it. That is where you can give us rough idea on alike mobile application available in the current marketplace. Our team of analysts will come up with a solution of clone app but with enhanced features of the existing app.

Epistic - Your Mobile App Development Partner:

Our solutions are consultative and our approach is individualistic. Therefore, upon receiving your requirement our team of analysts will ensure meeting technical and financial benchmarks with equal weightage. That's where we will suggest whether to choose a prototype development & raise funds for further development, use a clone app method to express development or deliver unique mobile app using your concept. Below we have shared one of the estimations to build an online dating app:

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