Beacon App

Imagine passing through a food restaurant and getting a prompt in your own mobile app with the image of your favorite burger with an offer clubbed with it. Would you not be seduced to buy one? Next time you pay a visit to the fashion boutique you regularly and suddenly receive a prompt for offer of the day designer outfit that is most viewed in the store. Probably the one you been waiting to buy for that special occasion?

How your customers would rate their experience if you were able to serve their favourite drink immediately after they enter the waiting lounge of the airport post their security check-in? Retail businesses and service sectors focusing on excellent customer service can reach the pinnacle of customer delight with the kind of implementation a Beacon App can provide.

Power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE):

Beacons are signals transmitted by Bluetooth low energy device. Current iPhones, iPads and Android phones supporting Bluetooth 4.0 technology can be the receiver and the transmitter of such beacons. Bluetooth low energy signals have the radius of close to 60 meters and occupies extremely low energy. Moreover, it does not require Wi-Fi or the internet connectivity or GPS signals to track the customers in the region. Using micro-location details, beacons provide most accurate location details as it can be in the current technological trends.

How to leverage BLE for Your Business?

You must convert your store or the business premise into a beacon enabled zone using any of the beacon products available in the market. These beacons are equipped with campaign management program to manage your offers and promotions that can be transmitted to your customers. However, that is only half the job done.

You now require a beacon enabled mobile app and a mobile ready website to prompt your customers when they are in your beacon enabled zone. The app can be further customized to take details of your customers' interests to provide relevant offers.

How it works?

Let's take an example of a multi-facility mega mall with a Beacon enabled app. Soon the customer is in the vicinity of the mall, the app will be launched and current offers based on customer's interest will be displayed. Once the customer enters the mall, based on the micro-location of the customer, various beacons in the mall will prompt the customer on offers.

When the customer makes the purchase of any of the products, clubbed offers with the purchased product will be displayed in the customer's mobile app. If the customer chooses to try the product, using navigation features customer will be driven towards the product and continue with the trail. Once the customer approaches the payment desk, a payment screen will be launched in the app automatically to complete the purchase online.

How Epistic Can Help You Develop Your Beacon App?

Epistic is a step ahead to implement beacon apps than our competitors. Our team of engineers and analysts have wide understanding towards deployment of beacon apps to boost your sales and customer services. We also provide complete support to customize your campaign management software to run various promotional activities for your store.

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