Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that before you choose to hire our services, there are a number of questions going through your mind regarding various aspects. We,Epistic are hereby answering few frequently asked questions by our clients which may help you as well. Just have a glimpse at them:

General Questions

Who owns the intellectual property rights?
It’s the client who owns the intellectual property rights.
What kind of service do you offer?
Epistic offer wide range of services. Right from the mobile app development to mobile web development and from the graphic designing to website development, we offer every service related to your required domain. Services such as iOS app development, Android app development, Windows phone development, development of apps for tablets etc are provided by our experts. Refer our services section for more details.
What is the experience of the project managers and their communication skill?
We have highly experienced project managers as part of our process driven business operations and they are proficient to communicate in English and understand your requirements easily
How many design iterations can I expect for my projects?
We have transparent processes that will provide you with complete documentation guide on design and development stages for your project. Once the design is finalized by you, we will work on them. If there are any changes in the design after finalization, it will depend on the actual requirement whether iterations within the predefined scope are possible or not. However, if there are any minor changes, we do make iterations in the projects given by you.
Can I hire a particular person for my project?
Yes, you can. We have a team of experts, each working for various clients. Moreover, it depends upon the actual project requirement also. If designing and development both are involved in the project, you will be given a team to complete your project. However, if you specifically wish to hire a resource to manage part of your project, it is always possible within our flexible engagement models.
What’s the size of the team that I can hire for my project?
The size of the team will be defined and documented at the commencement of every Project. Therefore, before getting into an agreement, you would have the clarity on how many members will be managing your Project and the total duration to complete your Project. If you are still not sure about this query, you may get in touch with us at any point of time and we will respond your queries at the earliest.
What are the ways of communications if I ever need to contact you or project managers?
We operate within high speed internet and quality systems for IP telephony. Therefore, you would receive timely communication from our end through emails, online messengers (Skype) and weekly telecon. Our Project Managers will be available 24x7 on Skype, therefore, you can get in touch with them as & when you need.
How can I know about my project status?
We assign a dedicated account manager for every client of ours. They will be the first point of contact for you. And they will ensure you have all the required details on progress of your Project. Also, you may collect the real time updates from Basecamp – that is the standard Project Management software we use.
Do you follow the guidelines given by me or do you have a fixed strategy?
We work collaboratively and look forward to operate as a consultative development partner. Therefore, we take all your inputs and guidelines into consideration. And at the commencement of the Project, we define the process work-flow for the tenure of the Project. Therefore, it is transparent and in line with what is expected to achieve your goals.
What tools do you use for project management?
Basecamp is our major tool to manage the tasks swiftly. We use Basecamp and also few additional tools at times to manage your projects. Our project managers will have an eye on these tools to deliver the designing part or website or apps on time. Based on the project requirement and need we are open to use other project management tools too.
What are the technologies you work on?
We mainly operate into the mobile and web based technologies. Some of the core domains we work on include PHP, Java, .Net, iOS, Android, HTML5 and Open Source. But we are not limited to these technologies. We have the in-house strength to work on innovative and latest technologies. Kindly visit our services pages for more details.
Do you provide responsive web design services?
Yes, we provide responsive web design services for our clientele all over the world. It doesn’t matter what type of business domain you have, we have solutions for every requirement from your side.
Will you advise us with ideas for our projects?
Why not? We give you suggestions and advices if you are vision is not right about the project and don’t have any idea about the IT field. We make sure that our clients get enough idea on what we are working on and what is scope of their business.
What makes Epistic unique from other service providers?
Simple methods, innovation, process driven culture, reliability, flexibility and most important cost-effective service makes us unique from the other IT service providers. Kindly visit why Epistic to know more about working with us.
How to get started?
Share your requirement with us. And within 24 hours, we will share ball park estimation for your requirement. Once we agree on the terms of the Project, we will provide you the wireframes and complete scope of the Project. And only then we will commence the Project by introducing the team members for project kick off. To know more about our engagement models,Click here
What information should I provide to get a quote from your side?
We require the basic details your company and your email ID which is mandatory. Further we would like to know what your requirement is. It does not have to be a full scope of the project document; our analysts will go through your business requirements and consult on how to get maximum output towards your goal from your specified budget.