Engagement Models

Time & Cost

This is one of the most common engagement models for most offshore development companies. Once we receive the requirement from you, we will provide a detailed estimation for time & cost to deliver your requirement. The cost will be on the basis of total number of hours required to complete the project. This model is ideal for business-to-business clients.

Based on the requirement, we will provide you the wireframes for the clarity of the project and we will deliver the project in the stipulated time frame. Each project will be broken down in a number of milestones depending on the length of the project. The payment terms will be advanced for each of the milestones.

Hire A Developer

You do not always have to hire us for the entire span of the project. For example, you are going through busy period of business and running short of a resource in specific technology; you can approach us and hire a resource for your requirement. The resource will be solely reporting your project manager and will be dedicated to work set number of hours on daily basis on your requirement. You may hire a resource for as minimum as few hours to months' time as per your requirement. Payment terms will vary as per the actual requirement.

Fixed Cost

You can hire us for the full scope of the project from concept to delivery. We will provide you the estimated time & cost to complete your project. Here the cost will be with the focus to complete your project in minimum time period and it is ideal model for business-to-customer clients. Similar to Time & Cost model, we will provide you the wireframes before commencement of the project. However, we will deploy more resources and provide additional hours during the week to ensure completion of your project much earlier than the stipulated time line.

For Start-Ups

We understand how crucial it is for a start up business to have a strong digital footprint. What would happen to the future of taxi app 'Uber' if they did not find a scalable development partner? We understand the value of a niche idea. We strongly believe that a startup requires larger focus on IT framework than an established company. A functional digital footprint can provide a perfect jumpstart to a startup. But having abundance of funds is not something a startup always has. Therefore, we would like to know your business idea. If it is strong enough for our liking, we will join hands as your technology partner based on shared equity.

Have a Unique Idea of the App, But Lack Funds

Similar to the start-up, we would like to hear your idea. And we will protect your idea with a mutual NDA. If we find your idea fascinating, we will join hands through a Joint Venture where we will play our part as development and marketing partner. Based on the terms of the JV, initial cost and terms of profit sharing can be deduced. In this model, we can help businesses build working prototype and also support their initiatives for Project Finance.

Maintenance & Support

Epistic believes in building strong business associations through quality of work and being a value addition as a development partner. Therefore, we provide exquisite maintenance & support services for the products developed by us. For the enterprise products such as - ERP systems, CRM software, etc; we have comprehensive maintenance & support services whereas we design a dedicated support team to troubleshoot on day to day operational issues and identify & implement the updates to improve your systems. Write to us to know more about our maintenance & support services.