Why Epistic ?

Why Epistic?

Our approach towards software development is based on simple work-flows and innovative applications. We emphasize in building professional relationships and it is an important milestone in our project management life cycle. And the efforts of our team are focused to achieve your business goals while carrying out complex tasks.

Industry Challenges Working with Offshore Development Partner:

  • Data security & IP related issues
  • Quality Issues
  • Below standards IT Infrastructure
  • Missing Important Deadlines
  • Lack of required transparency in Project Management
  • Lack of focus towards Scalability & App Monetization from the Stage of System Design
  • Communication Barriers
  • Cultural Barriers
  • Unstable resources

Our Commitment to Address These Issues:

  • All the work carried by us will be protected by a mutual NDA and our client will be the proprietary of the IP rights - unless it is agreed otherwise by the client.
  • Our recruitment life cycle ensures entry - only to creative and technically skilled minds to deliver our promised quality of the work. Moreover, we follow transparent processes and Agile Development Model to ensure that we deliver against client expectations.
  • We provide latest hardware gadgets and software applications to our team of experts to achieve smooth work-flow.
  • Prior to accepting a project of any size, it goes through the cycle of risk analysis. Hence, the deadlines provided are always the best tangible measure of the required time line within our capabilities.
  • We use standard Project Management tools allowing our clients to view the progress at any stage of the SDLC.
  • Our dedicated account manager of the project keeps the client informed on the progress and the challenges in the project using weekly calls and analytical reports.
  • Our approach is consultative as it drives through the core values of the Group. Therefore, we proactively suggest innovative methods to achieve desired results.
  • We use standard emails and online messenger services for our communication with the clients. All the communication will be in English or the native language of the client.
  • The experience of our team and the additional trainings allows us to connect the dots to eradicate the cultural barriers.
  • We are a self-funded organization with less than 5% attrition ratio; therefore, we are in an excellent position to provide dedicated resources for the every project and the client.
  • We strongly believe that no software project is like another that we just finished. And therefore, we invest our time to carry out detailed analyse of the requirement at the time of inception of the project. We ensure that our team and our client have detailed understanding through documentation & wireframes to work as self-managed unit.
  • Share your requirement with our analysts and experience the quality of our approach. Your positive feedback post your first project with us - is our ultimate goal. After all, it takes only an email to say Hello