Mobile Application development

Today, businesses require mobile apps to connect with large pool of mobile customers and to showcase their products & services. Mobile application development is the canvass of creativity. Simplest of the idea, but when executed with beautiful design, functional interface and augmented reality - promises revenue worth billions using a mobile app. Now you might already have an idea - whether it is for your business, a mobile game, a utility app or a next-gen concept. You require quality resources to develop and implement your idea into reality.

Epistic offers highly scalable and real world mobile applications for vast industry domains. We focus on delivering high quality solutions not only to create your concept but also to ensure that it is marketable. After all, we are talking about the marketplace with a Million+ mobile apps already.

Our team of creative minds and highly innovative ideas provide a perfect mix to deliver your dream project for mobile application development. We have dedicated teams for native and cross platform application development. Below are the services we provide for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Cross Platform Mobile Application Development.

iOS App Development

iPhone apps and iPad apps are considered enterprise product for the mobile app segment. They are highly scalable and promises higher degree of App Monetization.

The new iOS8 platform offers wide range of extensibility to create an engaging and real world iOS application. Our team of iOS developers have vast exposure managing iPhone app development and iPad app development projects.

  • iOS8 Ready Mobile Apps Development
  • iPhone Apps Development
  • iPad Apps Development
  • iBeacon Apps Development
  • iPhone Game Development
  • Passkit Apps Development
  • HealthKit Apps Development
  • HomeKit Apps Development
  • Fitness Apps Development
  • Emoji Apps Development
  • TouchID Apps Development
  • Third Party Keypad Development
  • Third Party Widgets Development
  • Third Party Extensions Development
  • Enterprise Application Development

Android App Development

Android platform has the largest number of users across the world. Therefore, an Android app for your business must be focusing masses.

Android app is a guaranteed product to penetrate through to the masses. We understand the Android user fragmentation well. Our team have successfully delivered a number of success stories on the Android marketplace.

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Tablet Application Development
  • Beacon Apps Development
  • Game Development

Cross Platform Apps

A native app is an ideal platform for a mobile app however, businesses can have a cross platform mobile app that is cost effective and offers almost all the features a native app can have.

Our focus is to offer cost effective solutions that allows our clients to yield faster ROI. Our team includes experts on platforms such as PhoneGap, Xamarin, Sencha and Unity.

  • PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)
  • Sencha
  • Xamarin