Online Marketing & PR

An idea becomes successful only when it is taken to the masses and commercialized to make profits. Probably a decade ago, thinking of a global marketing campaign would seem like a Million Dollar investment. But internet and the mobile apps have created new in-roads to reach out to the masses. The costs have reduced but it still requires application of innovative concepts and strong understanding of digital marketing techniques.

Epistic is one of the best companies based in Ahmedabad with proven track record to have managed online marketing & PR activities for globally reputed customers. We design marketing campaigns and sketch the outline of the public relation activities that works for "your" business strategies. For your ad-campaigns, our team will provide targeted blogs, segmented email marketing campaigns and aggressive social media promotions.

Our services are not limited to managing the ad-campaign and keep flooding your customers with marketing communications. We take ownership to bring your desired results. Hence, we analyze the performance of the marketing activities and optimize the marketing activities to achieve the desired results.

Our web and mobile app development solutions are with the primary focus - since the stage of project scope - optimizing your digital footprint on search engines, app marketplaces and also offers wide range of pre-integrated tools to bring traffic and revenue.

Epistic is part a Management Consulting Group with 15+ years of exposure in vast industry domains. Therefore, our designed Public Relations strategy will be the extract of our global industry exposure and leverages our brand value at the stages of implementation.

Would you not wish your Digital Marketing and PR strategies mapped by a Group consulting multinational brands into Mass Media Buying and Billion+ impressions? Understanding the value of our experience, we bring custom solutions for small businesses, for growing enterprises and also for the reputed brands - to enhance their brand reputation, new product launch and to increase the revenue.

Email Marketing Services

  • Conceptual Design of Marketing Campaign
  • Campaign Launch and Management
  • Tracking and Optimizing the Campaign
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Email Advisor Reports
  • Lead Generation

Blogging, Newsletters and Social Media

  • Creating and Managing Social Media Pages
  • Promoting the Products / Services using paid social media campaign
  • Creating & Promoting interactive blogs
  • Targeted Newsletters - Design & Delivery
  • Reporting & Web Analytics

Public Relations & Merchandising

  • Consulting Services for PR and Marketing
  • Implementing the Marketing Strategy
  • White Label Solutions
  • Sales & Business Development

Speak to your dedicated account manager today to know more about the success stories we have sketched. Contact us for free SEO analysis of your website and share your requirements for marketing. Our team will revert in 24 hours with the detailed strategy to achieve your desired results. You can reach us